TDM, an innovative regenerative agriculture organization in Latin America, specializes in providing high-quality LATAM sustainable projects to international high-net-worth and accredited investors that can produce exceptional returns.

We aim to create a comprehensive collection of disruptive enterprises for our clients by employing our climate-responsive knowledge and our experience on the ground, which will quickly establish us as leaders in underdeveloped, yet macroeconomically significant regenerative agriculture in Latin America.

An investment opportunity in within the Tropical Andes of Colombia

Working alongside TDM has the potential to make a significant impact on the world.
Our philosophy at TDM is compromise for a better future.
TDM project is designed around innovative green technologies that will reduce our collective carbon footprint. this is  the opportunity to join a movement that promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility decontaminating our planet.

Our projects are located in strategically selected locations throughout the Tropical Andes of Colombia,  the chance to make a local impact. Our team is focus to design a future that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our work is is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment and also to create a source of long-term income. We are coming out with various financing options of Climate Investment.

With one objective, is to simplify the process to make a difference.

Financing, subsidies and allies opportunities for the development of the Colombian private sector.

1.Financial assistance for micro and small businesses

Small farmers, small producers, associations, cooperatives, and other support groups who are part of a large-scale agroforestry value chain for companies that will profit from investing in Mountain Lands.
The support involves promoting and introducing new agroforestry techniques, developing new value chains, strengthening producer organizations’ capacities, and improving market access.

2. The general objective of the technical assistance program is

  • improve the performance of the agroforestry sector in Colombia:
  • increase the productivity of SMEs,
  • increase income diversification for small farmers,
  • increase awareness of environmentally friendly inputs from small sustainable producers, and
  • increase in sustainably managed land.

3. The program includes the following components:

Component 1:

Development of Agroforestry Models – This component aims to improve agroforestry agricultural practices and their integration into crops and local productive systems, improve and diversify farmers’ income, as well as transmit sustainable practices to local populations in the areas rural. Participatory methods inform research and development programs with the aim of improving the adaptation of agroforestry models to local production systems. Under this component, the strategy will focus on the development of pilot programs, projects in the agricultural plots of the beneficiaries to improve agricultural practices and develop agroforestry management techniques at the plot level, in the same way a training school of 3.

Component 2:

Market assessment and development of value chains – The objective of this component is to develop new value chains and activities, strengthen the capacities of producer organizations and integrate producers, and improve their connections with local and regional policies. This will be achieved by strengthening the capacities of producers and developing those of excluded populations, so that they can benefit from local development. A comprehensive analysis of the value chain of the agroforestry subsector will be carried out. To identify and address entry barriers to the different elements of the value chain.

Experiments on innovative processing of products from small agroforestry plots could be developed to inform the adaptation of companies’ machinery and tools to the products.

Component 3:

Promotion and Replication of the Agroforestry Model – The objective of this component is to widely disseminate the results of the TA to public and private funders interested in developing ecologically intensive agricultural model programs (integrating agroforestry). The final objective is to replicate models developed by the AT on a larger scale and in other zones and regions of the displacement of coffee production in Colombia.

The main target of this component will be the public and private sectors. Investors and research and development organizations.

Component 4: Management and external evaluation – This component is related to project management and external evaluation. Projects to be financed will be monitored during implementation and will be audited by an independent auditor.

  1. Procurement under the project will include agricultural inputs, seeds and seedlings, as well as various consulting services. Services related to capacity building of small farmers, establishment of subcontracting schemes, specific agroforestry and agronomy expertise, market analysis, applied research, writing and publishing, auditing, monitoring and evaluation services and services.
  1. Bidding documents and/or requests for expressions of interest are available.

The acquisitions of goods and services other than consulting services will be carried out in accordance with the Procurement Agreement of the Policies established in Colombian Law, investment criteria and vision of the project.

Those interested can obtain more information, and must indicate their interest, by contacting us.

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